ZONES OPENSKY music video

Toronto dub-psych project ZONES releases new video for “OPEN SKY”

Enter a world of 3D thumbs.

- Mar 3, 2014

Ugh, I realllly want to describe Derek McKeon's ZONES as "White Poppy meets King Tubby." That would be totally fatuous, but they've both got a "y" at the end of their names! I have to do it, it's too tempting. The video for ZONES' "OPEN SKY" reminds me of the lo-fi digital excursions of Vinyl Williams, except here we're traversing through the Toronto act's rehearsal session as well as a swooping 3D fingerprint.

You can grab the group's new cassette Real Time on March 13th via Heretical Objects Cooperative, the same date as the album's release show at Izakaya Sushi House with Lido PimientaMimico and Mas Aya. Pre-order the tape here. Also, check out McKeon's Flickr page. Some Moebius meets Henry David Thoreau level shit.

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