AKUA One's Company Music Video

Montreal soul singer A K U A brings the funeral home fun in “One’s Company”

Her soulful sound is the opposite of rigor mortis.

- Mar 3, 2014

Six Feet UnderDexter, The 86th Annual Academy Awards... Hollywood is obsessed with corpses and the people who manage their unlives. Montreal singer and Solange backup vocalist A K U A is caught in the spell of the dead as well in the video for the title track of her self-released EP One's Company, directed by her brother Kofi Carson. The natural allure of hearse, the coffin, the slab and the graveyard are played all the way up by the song's funky soul freak show.

A K U A's EP One's Company is out now.
AKUA - "One's Company" (Official Music Video)

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