Owen Pallett The Riverbed Music Video

Owen Pallett debuts videos for “The Riverbed” and “On A Path,” has an uncle and stuff in his house

Your day just got a lot more violin.

- Feb 28, 2014

Movies. Marriages. The denial of your own mortality. Teens ruin everything, even the love of two silver foxes in "The Riverbed,"the first of two new videos from Owen Pallett's upcoming record In Conflict, and directed by Eva Michon. We see a greying Tai Chi enthusiast on a date, but a group of young hooligans threatens to ruin the first erection our hero has had in weeks. They were probably crazy from all that "sizzurp." I heard them talking about it on the news. Owen's uncle Jim Pallett stars.

Next up is a lyric video for "On A Path," and it was shot by Steve Kado, who stayed in Pallett's house for a week and took photos of every object in it. What we learn: Owen likes knick knacks and video games. He may also have a landline. And everything in his house might be alive. I don't know about y'all but I'm pretty much set for interview questions.

Owen Pallett's new album In Conflict is out in Canada on May 13th via Secret City Records; pre-order it here.

"The Riverbed":

Owen Pallett - The Riverbed (Official Video)

"On A Path":

Owen Pallett - On A Path (Lyric Video)

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