Clark Superscope Music Video

Watch an oscilloscope trace to a techno beat in Clark’s “Superscope” video

Science finally gets put towards a noble pursuit (techno).

- Feb 26, 2014

Warp Records veteran Clark is offering a teaser of his upcoming live show in "Superscope," the first track off an upcoming 12". In an interview with FACT, he discusses how the video's director Vincent Oliver (a.k.a. Odoxo) discovered an oscilloscope in a trash heap, and how the "elegant future-bound geometry" fits perfectly within the concept for his upcoming performances, named "Phosphur" (more on that from Adoxo here). The video below uses the song's cavernous, fire-rimmed techno as a sort of paint for the device's green light beams to trace its raving galaxies.

Clark's new 12" Superscope is out March 10th via Warp; pre-order it here.
Clark - Superscope

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