Fuzz Raise Music Video

Video: Ty Segall and FUZZ want to turn you into a vegetating lizard with “Raise”

Don't sit too close to the TV. It will turn you into a lizard.

- Feb 26, 2014

Hints of PoltergeistVideodrome, and white people's hatred of leaving haunted houses are laid on thick for "Raise," the new, first official video from Ty Segall's stoner rock band FUZZ. Directed by Matt Yoka, we find the group as a conduit for some kind of lizard-morphing radio waves for an unlucky child. At least now he can enjoy eating all bugs he already enjoys without fear of judgement. Then, just to be mean, there's three minutes of TV static at the end, as if they're trying to turn us into man-reptiles.

FUZZ's self-titled album is out now via In The Red Records.

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