Cut Copy We Are Explorers Music Video

Video: Cut Copy reveal proof of aliens and/or viability of 3D printers in “We Are Explorers”

Aliens are after your burned CDs and cig butts.

- Feb 24, 2014

There's no point in wondering if there are aliens among us camouflaged as humans, conducting research while masked as your friends and neighbours. Be an optimist: it's much more likely that they're walking around with their nude green bodies unsheathed, just too tiny to see.

Masa KawamuraQanta Shimizu and Aramique directed the new Cut Copy video for "We Are Explorers," and they claim that the curious alien protagonists are 3D printed models you can download here. But we're onto them. Watch the documenta - I mean ficitional music video for promotional purposes below.

Cut Copy's new album Free Your Mind is out now via Modular.
Cut Copy - "We Are Explorers" (Video)

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