Julio Bashmore Jessie Ware Peppermint Music Video

Video: Julio Bashmore & Jessie Ware journey through house music history in “Peppermint”

Get ready to (maybe) learn.

- Feb 21, 2014

Yesterday we showed you the story of sampling. Now house music's up in "Peppermint," the new video from Julio Bashmore and Jessie Ware. It's always dynamite when these two meet (Bashmore co-wrote and produced some songs on Ware's debut Devotion), and director Noah Harris turns the song's energy, sharp and sweet like a katana made of cupcakes, into a highly symbolic animated short "inspired by the evolution of house."

Through his 3D eyes (the fake 3D, not like three actual dimensions) the genre revolves around a single simple hook as sung by a colourful head with many compartments. surrounded by the Handclaps of God and lots of visual treats, like squirming shapes and the coolest, sexiest Monopoly tokens ever rejected. There is also a baby having a good time, unlike like when you bring an actual baby to a house music party and it just starts having a tantrum.

Julio Bashmore's new album will be out this summer.
Julio Bashmore - "Peppermint" ft. Jessie Ware (Official Video)

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