Gobby Red Seal Music Video

Watch puppets bicker in Gobby’s dark, gun violence-sampling “Red Seal”

The Second Amendment doesn't extend to wooden toys. Right?

- Feb 20, 2014

Gobby, one half of bizarre pop project SETH and prolific experimental producer, is taking on gun violence with another, slightly less disturbing scourge: puppets. There aren't any guns in the video for "Red Seal," co-directed by Nic Buffon. An Odd Couple meets Punch & Judy with an America's Most Wanted as directed by Maya Deren vibe. But the mid-home invasion 911 calls and post-shooting press conferences, sampled here twice, drain the apparent goofy soul of the electronics.

Gobby’s new Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee LP is out in late March via Uno NYC.
Gobby - Red Seal (Official Video)

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