Mac DeMarco Let My Baby Stay

Video: Mac DeMarco plays new song “Let My Baby Stay” in short film, inadvertently makes great ad for Portugal

Another Salad Days track peeks out.

- Feb 18, 2014

Mac DeMarco was in Guimarães, Portugal recently, and Canal180 had the bright idea of filming him performing a new song in and around the city's stunning architecture. The track's called "Let My Baby Stay." Did you know that Guimarães is commonly referred to as "the cradle city?" You'll want 2 B cradling tha 1 U luv after this new track, performed acoustically in a gym, at a concert, and in a dress.

"Let My Baby Stay" will be on Mac DeMarco's new album Salad Days, out April 1 via Captured Tracks. The track previously appeared on Mac's 2013 EP Live & Acoustic Vol. 1. Stream the EP below the video via Rdio.

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