Caroline Polachek Ramona Lisa Arcadia

Caroline Polachek of Chairlift becomes Ramona Lisa, releases video for “Arcadia”

I only just got it. RaMONA LISA. Okay, fine.

- Feb 18, 2014

"Arcadia," the first video from Caroline Polachek of Chairlift's new solo project Ramona Lisa features a bug pushing through the ground and time-lapsing into something only slightly less gross. So there's the theme of metamorphosis all over this thing, as well as fancy eyeball manicures and those piano tutorial games, helpfully notating portions of her new sound. Like portions of Julia Holter's Tragedy, the notes feel time worn, as though they were transcribed from withering brown pages onto cutting edge digital platforms, the lost measures of some insane folio salvaged from the lost city Caroline Polachek names over and over again.

Ramona Lisa's debut album Arcadia is out April 15th via Terrible Records; download the song for free here.
Ramona Lisa - "Arcadia"

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