Y Club I'd Work 5 Your Love Video

PREMIERE: Y Club pamper one lucky Serbian in “I’d Work 4 Your Love” video

Glorious Valentine's Day pop cheese from the boys in Y Club.

- Feb 14, 2014

Happy February 14, the day that music sites scramble to put together themed playlists to grab some of that sweet Valentine’s Day SEO. Just pick a few songs about love or sex – that narrows it down, right? – hit publish, and voila, instant pageviews.

Ben Cook appreciates the tawdriness of the Hallmark holiday. He’s been saving an unreleased Y Club (the new stylization of his unabashed cheese-pop project Yacht Club) jam for just this occasion, and he’s been kind enough to offer the video to Chart Attack as a VALENTINE’S DAY EXCLUSIVE.

Yacht Club - I'd Work 4 Your Love

The Benjamin Young Hart-directed video for “I’d Work 4 Your Love” stars Cook and his erstwhile No Warning writing partner Matt DeLong as a couple of “washed up boy band dudes” in Belgrade directing their full neon, jobless devotion to the hair-brushing, steak-feeding, cigarette-lighting, book-reading pampering needs of a glamorous Serbian girl, who later becomes the meat in a Y Club sandwich (but in, like, a sweet way). It’s begging for the Pop-Up Video treatment.

If you know Ben Cook primarily as a guitarist in Fucked Up, it’s easy to treat Y Club as some sort of ironic performance art piece, but though he appreciates the corniness of straight-up pop music, he takes it seriously. The jangly, Aaliyah-sampling “I’d Work 4 Your Love,” no joke, Cook says was originally written for Carly Rae Jepsen:

Y Club is as much a real band as it is a resume for us to collaborate with other pop artists on a writing or production tip. I’m not just talking ghost writing, either. I think Toronto needs to openly approach each other more on an artistic level. We collaborate with different people with each song we do. No celebrities. Unknowns, people in the early stages of their come up, and session players who interest us. “

As for the future of Y Club?

After our next 12", which is all pop-based weeded-out California G Funk on a yacht, we will be doing a sample-based pop record and collaborating with a lot of artists outside of our circle. New Wave rappers, neo-soul. So this song is a cool very preliminary taste of where things will go.

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