Death Grips No Love Music Video

Video: Death Grips host a rehearsal/gymnastics session for “No Love”

______ days since giving a fuck.

- Feb 14, 2014

One clause in Death Grips enduring pact with the malevolent forces existing just beyond this plain is that in return for making some of the most exciting music today, vocalist MC Ride must do a handstand on command. So someone must have been shouting them off-camera during "No Love," the (maybe) 3D video for the track off NO LOVE DEEP WEB, the album the band leaked in 2012. As the band trash themselves and their instruments, a horizontal text crawl tracks how many days they've not given a fuck, and it's all repeatedly halted for the interstitial pictured above.

Death Grips' NO LOVE DEEP WEB is out now via Harvest Records/Third Worlds.
Death Grips - No Love (Official Video)

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