De La Soul

De La Soul release entire discography to download for free, mixed emotions abound

They couldn't get their stuff online any other way. Also, they love the fans.

- Feb 14, 2014

Because the world still doesn't understand the artistic merit of sampling, and doesn't pay for music anymore anyway, pioneering hip-hop group De La Soul have uploaded their entire catalogue for free on their website, in exchange for an email address. It will be available for 25 hours, in honour of the 25th anniversary of their debut album 3 Feet High And Rising. It's also a response to the problems the group has faced getting their music on iTunes due to sample clearence issues, and because they love us so much, Posdnous said in an interview with Rolling Stone:

We've been blessed to be in the Library of Congress, but we can't even have our music on iTunes. We've been working very hard to get that solved...It's been too long where our fans haven't had access to everything. This is our way of showing them how much we love them.

The albums will be available till tomorrow, Saturday, February 15th, at noon. And if you download, just promise you'll actually listen to them, okay? They're brilliant. Don't just have them to have them.

The group are also working on a new album You're Welcome, and promise to release songs from it soon. In March, they'll release a new six song EP Premium Soul on the Rocks. If you download all this free stuff, you'll buy their new joints, right?

De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

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