Each Other Your Ceiling Is My Floor Music Video

Video: Each Other reclaim the white turtleneck and rotating 3D doughnut in “Your Ceiling Is My Floor”

The Montreal rockers are trapped in a digital age from the '90s.

- Feb 13, 2014

Say you're on Storage Wars, you're there with hosts JoJo and Bertrand, and you defeat the other contestants in gladiatorial combat for the chance to open a locker (I've never seen Storage Wars). There's not much in there of interest but a crate of old VHS tapes and a bunch of white turtlenecks, now yellowed with age.

You get home and throw in a tape, and the video for "Your Ceiling Is My Floor" from Montreal experimental rock band Each Other comes on. It's like a group recreational activity for a mid '90s cult that believed only in the power of green screen and top-of-the-line computers, i.e. Windows '95. So lots of blank stares, glitches, and really bad CGI, courtesy of "new media lab" (and former Lido Pimenta collaboratorsTough Guy Mountain.

Each Other's new album Being Elastic is out March 4th via Lefse Records; pre-order it here.
Your Ceiling is My Floor - Each Other

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