Blouse Happy Days Music Video

Video: Blouse pay tribute to a film director in “Happy Days” (hint: name rhymes with “Mabid Drinch”)

Happy days, sombre road trips.

- Feb 13, 2014

In the music video for Portland alt-rockers Blouse's "Happy Days," there's a woman who's lost. On a highway. She's blonde and looks like a '50s movie star. Wait, I didn't say the video was Lynchian, no no no. You jumped to conclusions. There's a very similar scene in a certain David Lynch flick starring Patricia Arquette (also blonde, also '50s), which would make this video more of simulation of Lynch than Lynch-inspired.

Blouse's Imperium is out now via Captured Tracks.
Blouse // "Happy Days" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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