The Notwist Kong Music Video

Video: The Notwist’s “Kong” is the cutest childhood near-death experience you’ll see all week

An animated tale of certain death and monstrous Christ-figures.

- Feb 12, 2014

Don't bother looking for any metaphors about drowning and rising tides: according to its press release, The Notwist's animated "Kong" klip is the retelling of a particularly horrifying episode in the life of the German electronic pop band's singer, Marcus Acher:

"[It's] based on a true story that involved Marcus Acher and his family being trapped in their home during an Ammer River flood in Weilheim, Germany. During the experience, the young Acher resorted to fantasy, secretly hoping a superhero would save his family as the waters rose around them."

We'll assume that everything turned out ok, because he's here with us, still kicking out stirring tunes to make us rethink the spurious "inhumanity of circuitry" bit, an argument made even more compelling when paired with the charming Golden Book-style character designs Tim Divall animated by Yu Sato.

The Notwist's new album Close To The Glass is out February 25th via Sub Pop; pre-order it here.
The Notwist - Kong [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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