OFF! Void You Out Music Video

Video: OFF! rock and make breakfast in docu-style “Void You Out”

What happens when punk bands stop being polite and start frying eggs?

- Feb 12, 2014

I can't think of a fictional music film I like more than Hard Core Logo, Bruce McDonald's mockumentary into the wretched heart of a fake Canadian punk band. And since OFF!'s "Void You Out" clip reminds me of that classic, it has my co-sign. The new video features the punk supergroup interviewed at home, skating, and drunk in pools (purportedly it's a tribute to TheĀ Decline Of Western Civilization), plus a live performance of the new single. Not a bad way to pass the time before OFF!'s new album Wasted Years drops on April 8th. Pre-order here.

OFF! - "Void You Out" (OFFicial Video)

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