Fog Lake It Was Never Enough Music Video

Video: Newfoundland’s Fog Lake makes marriage sad again in “It Was Never Enough”

America's Saddest Home Videos are marriage tapes.

- Feb 11, 2014

David Dean Burkhart, king of the fan-made music video, has an official one for "It Was Never Enough," Fog Lake's new single (The lonesome-fi guitarist has a new album out, called Virgo Indigo. Good news.)

The answer to the question: "Who gets the wedding tape in the divorce?" is "all of us, thanks to this video." When you add up all the faces of all the wedding portraits we see in the film, there's a good chance that a significant portion of the brides and grooms are now split up and watching the same footage right now alone in their basement, sad, and drunk. Plus, there's a slow crawl of credits from '70s horror flick Demon Seed in the blue background, giving an added sense of dated finality. But if you have an optimistic view on marriage, forget everything I just said. They're happy! Look at all those wedding portraits! It's a beautiful thing, all those VHS tapes and smiles.

You can listen to Fog Lake's impressive previous record, Holy Cross, here (we came across it on a Bandcamp tear last year). Based on this track, it already sounds like a progression.

Fog Lake - it was never enough

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