Metronomy Love Letters Music Video

Watch: Metronomy’s Michel Gondry-directed “Love Letters” video makes everything a bit nicer

A master of the form returns after three years.

- Feb 11, 2014

Michel Gondry wasn't the first music video director to make art, but he was the first to treat it like so. Directors Label - started with Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham - anthologized the work of various auteurs, and through its presentation, made an indefatigable case that these long-form commercials could be inseparable creative allies for product they were selling. His last clip came out in 2011 for Bjork's "Crystalline" and now there's one for "Love Letters" by Metronomy, a beaming and Wutlizer-heavy single from the English pop band that can make you shake it out like a tambourine.

Gondry's resolute eye remains marvelled at the odd and extraordinary in the everyday, and his genius lies in his unfettered presentation. Here, the French pop band (dressed in the burgundy of '50s in-house bands) are the subjects of a series of different tableaus, some kooky, others not so. It's classic Gondry, seeing the truth that even something as ordinary and everyday as a love letter is a world of miracles.

Metronomy's new album Love Letters in out March 10th via Because Music/Elektra Records; pre-order it here.
Metronomy - Love Letters (Official Video)

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