Marissa Nadler Was It A Dream Music Video

Marissa Nadler’s “Was It A Dream” music video is a surreal course in film editing

An old dude edits the folk singer in a dream.

- Feb 11, 2014

Before the digital age, films were manually cut and pasted together from their actual celluloid strips by old men and women the industry who would do it for next to nothing (and even for free, if the film was about children visiting their grandparents). So your meemaw's not going senile when she talks about Danny Glover: she may have actually worked on Predator 2.

For her single "Was It A Dream" from her new album JulyMarissa Nadler and director Ryan Hamilton Walsh expose the world of exposed pictures for a new video, also shot on film. An old chap works tirelessly on his editing bed as images of Nadler splice and superimpose with clips of classic cinema. Reality seamlessly becomes a dream and Nadler's measured folk psalm gets under your skin as easily as a knife from a lover. Watch below:

Marissa Nadler's new album July is out now via Sacred Bones.
Marissa Nadler - Was It A Dream (Official Video)

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