Digits Shake Your Body Down Music Video

Video: Digits is one with nature and pop music in “Shake Your Body Down”

"Nature is the sex of the outdoors." - Terry, the new age wizard

- Feb 11, 2014

Valentine's Day is coming up! Do you have any plans? Toronto pop songwriter Digits has you covered in his new video for "Shake Your Body Down."

Why not eat a bunch of nutmeg, grab a lover, and cruise naked through the park, feasting your eyes on everything erotic nature has to offer? Like blooming flowers and birds, rendered in vivid, intense colour? No judgements here. It's nature, and so it's incapable of conscious thought. The authorities might find you in the park frozen to death - spring isn't for a couple of months, after all - but by then you'll have transcended both the physical realm and the limitations of traditional electro pop music videos.

Digits' new mixtape Shake Your Body Down is out February 18th on Pleasence Records.
Digits - Shake Your Body Down (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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