Pure X I Fear What I Feel Music Video

Video: Pure X’s “I Fear What I Feel” clip is full of extroverted loops (NSFW)

A group of secretly lonely loops get soundtracked by appropriately moody rock.

- Feb 10, 2014

Last year Pure X came through with Crawling Up The Stairs, a lovingly arranged album of fetal position rock. Its wounds are very exposed, so don't be thrown off by the title of "I Fear What I Feel," their new single with a video by Malcolm Elijah. The clip leaves you with that distinct feeling of being alone in a room full of people. Whether you're naked, rappelling or Nosferatu, you just can't get anyone to really see you. So you do the same thing over and over, but eventually your entire being becomes noise. Maybe it's time for a new leather jacket?

Pure X's Crawling Up The Stairs is out now via Acéphale.
Pure X - I Fear What I Feel

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