Halls Waves Music Video

Watch the spectral new video from Halls, “Waves”

The South London singer is bit happier about the death stuff.

- Feb 10, 2014

One of the nice things about not being an actor is that you can almost guarantee that no one will ask you to pretend to see God while staring at an eye-boilingly bright light for hours at a time, for possibly no compensation. But such is the fate of the characters in "Waves," South London musician Sam Howard's new video as Halls. The poor souls walk and float around the city streets in a deathly fugue, and probably regretting not booking Coronation Street when they had the chance.

As for the tune: If Halls' last record Ark was an electronic music album composed entirely at the moment you're notified of a close friend's death, "Waves" is the sound of cracking a pathetic, drunken smile at the wake. Life has a trace of a pulse again, and the organ chords beat bigger and brighter through the cremated ashes of post-rock bluster.

Halls' new album Love To Give is out now in the UK via No Pain In Pop.

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