Ariel Pink Jorge Elbrecht Jorge Elbrose Called To Ring Music Video

Video: Jorge Elbrose (Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht) release “Called To Ring” video, pay tribute to terrifying gods

Band practice in the Zordos dimension.

- Feb 6, 2014

Last year, Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink teamed up for "Hang On To Life" then formally announced their collaboration as "Jorge Elbrose." If that portmanteau seemed uneven, their new track "Called To Ring" isn't. Dreamy and abrasive, it's a lullaby for shoegazers with blown-out eardrums.

And now there's a video for the tune directed by Elbrecht. It takes you inside the secret interdimensional jam sessions of hot indie musicians. Hair-whipping is the equivalent of that appreciative beatnik finger-snapping, fog is the atmosphere, and you must play well or giant floating heads will possess you. So remember everyone, music is more fun played with friends, and it also pleases Lord Gremulox.

Jorge Elbrose's "Called To Ring" is part of the Mexican Summer: Five Years 10" anthology/book, released last year. No one got it for us for Christmas. Buy it here.
Jorge Elbrose (Jorge Elbrecht & Ariel Pink) - Called to Ring [Official Video]

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