iamamiwhoami fountain music video

Video: iamamiwhoami becomes Mother Nature in “fountain”

The outdoors is the ultimate dance instructor/partner(/fan??)

- Feb 6, 2014

Take a moment to respect the awesome feat of our natural world's existence, as well as the retina screens and 4G networks that allow us to see them anywhere we want. There. Now you're ready to iamwhoiamwhoami's new video "fountain." The Swedish pop star and her WAVE collective bring a magical tour of some more beautiful region of our planet (read: no people anywhere). And how else to pull this off but with lots of lingering shots and Jonna Lee busting moves and steering boats? There's no other way. This is it, right here, so enjoy.

iamamiwhoami's "fountain" single is out now via To Whom It May Concern.

iamamiwhoami; fountain from WAVE on Vimeo.

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