Alauda Honey Priest

Video: Check out “Honey Priest” from Álauda, the latest mysterious pop singer you should hear

Seriously, get on this.

- Feb 6, 2014

The audible liquidity to Álauda's pop fits. Her music is its own ocean. Structureless yet powerful, enticing and utterly mysterious. But you can predict the earth's tides. On songs like "Cyan Water" and now "Honey Priest," her gurgling contexts are filled with surprises and new discoveries in a well-plumbed field, and each new collection of joyously off-kilter sonics become a colony of new and vivid corals hiding beneath the silt. Álauda's newest video follows this pattern, featuring a glitchy and fish-eyed view of a bedroom performance.

Alauda 'Honey Priest'

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