Owen Pallett In Conflict

Owen Pallett announces new album In Conflict, featuring Brian Eno and half of Toronto.

It's out May 13th.

- Feb 6, 2014

Oscar-nominee Owen Pallett has posted a trailer on YouTube for his new album In Conflict. It's out May 6th, Brian Eno is on it, and will also make good use of all the talent Toronto has to offer. Matt Smith aka Prince Nifty, Thom Gill aka T H O M A SIsla Craig's Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0 and Daniela Gesundheit from Snowblink all feature, and Bad Day Magazine's Colin Bergh does art direction. Downtown Torontonians, this means that you probably know somebody who knows somebody who's friends with a person with an Owen Pallett story. You now have prestigious small talk fodder. Go forth and banter on it for as long as you can.

Owen Pallett's new album In Conflict on May 13th via Domino/Secret City; pre-order it here. Read Prince Nifty's Uncharted, and check out the excellent Janela from T H O M A S.
Owen Pallett - In Conflict (Trailer)

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