Jerome Lol feat. Sara Z Deleted Music Video

Video: Jerome LOL feat. Sara Z, “Deleted” explores the hidden emotional core of online life

Tumblr gold runs wild on a desktop.

- Feb 5, 2014

Jerome LOL: is it "Laugh Out Loud" as in a smirky and disaffected response to a (possibly fraught, who knows anymore) text? Or maybe it's "Lots Of Love," the misused acronym from your parents silently urging you to call home more. The former LOL Boy's music, like the Sara Z-featuring "Deleted," strongly believes that there's an emotional core at the heart of our lives online, and it deserves to be explored. The video (curated from dozens of different friends and artists) is Wayback Machine meets the Tumblr dashboard you wish you had, a mixture of affectionate kitsch and modern digital ephemera delivered at Snapchat speeds. Watch below:

Jerome LOL's "Deleted/Fool" EP is out now via Friends of Friends.
Jerome LOL - Deleted ft. Sara Z

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