Deleted Scenes Stutter Music Video

Deleted Scenes’ “Stutter” video stars a dejected Screech from Saved By The Bell

He also did a porno once.

- Feb 5, 2014

Washed up celebrities embracing their tattered careers and personal shortcomings for fictionalized biographies (JCVD, etc) is a triumph of postmodernism for anyone who hates celebrity culture. It's also a gimmick. So I can watch Dustin "Screech" Diamond in Deleted Scenes' new video for the jerky math-pop of "Stutter" and appreciate the surreal journey through hell his fictionalized self takes on the way to an audition, without liking the actual Dustin Diamond any more after. Nice try though, dude. Watch below.

Deleted Scenes' new album Lithium Burn is out February 11th via Park The Van/Nevado.

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