The Beverleys EP

PREMIERE: The Beverleys release self-titled EP, cover Toronto in a thick layer of sludge

Get ready to feel grimy for seven and a half minutes.

- Feb 4, 2014

What's the opposite of a janitor? Whatever it is, that's what Buzz Records is becoming to the Toronto scene, coating it (and by extension, Chart Attack) in a thick, syrupy layer of sludge. We've got the exclusive stream of The Beverleys' self-titled EP below so get ready to feel grimy for the next 7 minutes and 34 seconds. The trio rips through a three-song set of punk tunes that are fun in the way that only two scraping, distortion-drowned guitars, no bass and a big handful of anthemic hooks rasped through gritted teeth can be fun. The kind of fun you feel later.

Joanna Lund, Susan Burke and Audrey Hammer met as recent high school graduates in St. Catharines (via England and the Cayman Islands). They lost touch in their twenties, but refound that Southern Ontario teenage malaise ("relationships, inebriation") as Beverleys. They write in an email to Chart Attack:

We saw in each other a shared energy, a shared critical eye, a shared sense of this-is-not-enough. So we got some shitty instruments, happily allowing everyone to play whatever they wanted, including having no bass and two singers, and started our therapy. Our songs feel like they are angry laments of what it's like to experience relationships (with ourselves, others, or sometimes drugs etc) from our POV, which, and I hate to say it, will be inevitably a female POV, with struggles that maybe can't quite be so clearly elucidated. It's what keeps us together, that we all get it, and feel it, and push for more.

The Beverleys is out February 11. Listen to it below, buy it at Bandcamp, and catch them February 8 at Sonic Boom Kensington (2pm) .

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