St. Vincent Digital Witness Video

Video: Lose yourself in the surreal machinations of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness”

A colourful tribute to bureaucratic limbo.

- Jan 31, 2014

St. Vincent's “Digital Witness” takes you inside what could be the horrible faded pastels of an East German DMV. Let the intoxicating tide of bureaucratic machinations wash over you with its attendant hard angles, bobblehead nodding, and literal pencil pushing. They're all the day-to-day concerns of director Chino Moya's “surreal and futuristic world in which action is synchronized, replicated and repeated.” If the report you're filing right now feels like a drop in a bucket of bullshit, take solace in Annie Clark's blank, bobbing stare as it seems to say “yes, you are doing God's work, or maybe not, but it doesn't matter.”

St. Vincent's self-titled album is out February 25th via Loma Vista; pre-order it here
St. Vincent - Digital Witness

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