White Poppy Wear Me Away Music Video

Video: White Poppy’s VHS dreamz of “Wear Me Away”

Crystal Dorval is trapped in her bedroom, still gets shit done.

- Jan 30, 2014

If anything could entice me into going outside more often, it would be living above an Indian restaurant, because I love butter chicken and would sleep on a mattress of naan. Maybe Crystal Dorval aka White Poppy is more into Italian, because in “Wear Me Away” she's not leaving her bedroom for anything.

How does she make that “ambient dream pop" (her words)? What's the writing and recording process like? All is revealed in the video from Daniel Rincon, who uses layers of fragmented VHS to reflect our artist's headspace. Just because you're terrified of the world doesn't mean you can't be productive.

White Poppy's new self-titled album is out now on Not Not Fun.

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