Trust Rescue Mister Music Video

Video: Trust’s “Rescue, Mister” visualizes your pissed off T.V’s brain

When plasma gradients attack.

- Jan 30, 2014

Right now your television is thinking “If he hate-watches one more episode of Cake Boss I'm going to short-circuit myself.” If only we could somehow see that hatred visualized with some kind of cathode ray brain scan effect, set to bumping dark electro. Oh that's right, it's the year 2000, we totally can. Thanks to Obama, Trust, and video director Sabrina Ratte, who turns Toronto electro-goth Robert Alfons' already eerie vocals into the last thing you hear before the gorgeous and sinister plasma gradients shred you into a 1080p pile of ash.

Trust's Joyland is out March 4th via Arts & Crafts.
TR/ST - 'Rescue, Mister'

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