Dog Day - In Another Life music video

Video: Give your puppy some acid and watch Dog Day’s “In Another Life”

Don't actually do that.

- Jan 29, 2014

I'm not going to sit here and moan about the lack of dog protagonists in media, though we both know that the world is long overdue a Lassie remake. Fortunately underrated Halifax lo-fi rockers Dog Day hear your call and have come running like a border collie to the screams of a child in a burning barn.

“In Another Life” stars a dog that has been described as “cute,” “huggly-wuggly” and “a real pupster” by grown men. It runs around a grassy field picking up trash like it thinks it's people, while tripping out thanks to the psychedelic colour treatment from director (and Dog Day guitarist) Seth Smith. The message of the clip is clear: giving your dog drugs leads to a spiritual odyssey in the boundless energy of mother nature's grassy bosom, in search of its inner reARF ARF WOOF ARF.

Dog Day's Fade Out is out now via fundog; buy it at Bandcamp

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