Young Rival Magic Eye

(Try to) watch Young Rival’s 3D magic eye music video, “Black Is Good”

Hamilton mods create a video that will either delight or infuriate you. Consider yourself warned.

- Jan 28, 2014

Like their power-popping brethren in OK Go and Hollerado, Hamilton mods Young Rival have never met a high-concept music video gimmick they didn’t like. Their last viral experiment, playing their song live on Chatroulette and recording people’s reactions, went viral in that here-today/gone-today manner of Web 2.0… second attention span. Their new for “Black Is Good” looks to achieve a longer shelf life by reaching back for a more classic fad: magic eye.

That’s right, the go-to punch line for ‘90s comedies has made its way to the music video medium through the wonder of autostereogram. Just relax your eyes, unfocus (I am unfocused!) and what looks like a bunch of random visual noise becomes visions of 3D hearts, patterns and band shots that pop out of your computer screen. It’s not NSFW, but if you watch it in a room full of people they might worry your brain has broken. Fair warning.

Young Rival will release a new single and video every month for the next three months. If this video doesn’t work for you, watch it in cross-eyed or 3D-depth vision and read about autostereogram technology here.
Young Rival - Black Is Good [Official] (Autostereogram Video)


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