Thug Entrancer

Video: Thug Entrancer plummets into the land of forgotten video games in “Death After Life I”

Your old Sega CD is still waiting, missing you...

- Jan 28, 2014

Thug Entrancer aka Ryan McRyhew is a perfect fit for Software Records, based on the groovy and disquieting electronics of “Death After Life I.” The track is its own hyperglycemic apocalypse; juke-y kicks compressed into diamonds skip merrily along, oblivious to the drones wailing around it. For its video Milton Melvin Croissant III takes us on a first person tour of some long abandoned video game limbo, as if Mœbius and a few back issues of GamePro were locked in a single, joint lucid dream. There's also a floating skull that's Skrillex mixed with a Lost Soul from Doom.

Thug Entrancer's Death After Life is out February 11th via Software; pre-order it here.

Thug Entrancer - 'Death After Life I' [Official Video]

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