Mold Boy

Album Stream: Cool Relief, a collection of demos from Alex Calder’s Mold Boy

A new record of psychedelic lo-fi from the former member of Makeout Videotape.

- Jan 28, 2014

Cool Relief, a new collection of 2010 demos from Alex Calder's Mold Boy project, is psychedelic in the way that fungus growing in the cracks between your bedroom door frame might be psychedelic. It might also share a name with that jock itch powder you bought four years ago and tried to trip on last month, after you forgot to remember to buy weed, after forgetting you quit, again.

It's not a sense of hopelessness that inspires this scuzzy feeling, but a tantalizingly incomplete structuring of  lo-fi architecture. It does the job of a demo collection, in that it makes us optimistic for another future, separate and just as enjoyable as the one we got in last year's Time EP.

Download Mold Boy's Cool Relief at Bandcamp for $5.

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