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- Jan 27, 2014

Chart Attack (then the newfangled online version of Chart Magazine) first went online in 1996, and when the current team took over in 2011... it still looked a lot like 1996. We've been in desperate need of a redesign since then, but for a bunch of boring reasons we haven't been able to until now. Finally, two years later, we started building the new Chart Attack. We're excited (and a little nervous) to present it to you today.

The design is cleaner and easier to navigate. The layout responds to the size of your screen, so we’re finally tablet and mobile friendly (hello, 2014). We entirely rebuilt the code, which will reduce the bloated loading times, and allow us to improve, update, and experiment wayyyy more easily as we move forward. So if you thought this was it, you can look forward to some more cool additions in the coming weeks.

We've also decided to leave out our comment section, which slowed loading times, attracted tons of spam, and rarely saw any actual comments. But everything we publish lives on Facebook too, which is more ideal for conversation, so we'd love to have you chime in there. Please don't interpret this as a move to end discussion. It's a move towards a cleaner and more usable site design.

What do you think about the design? Notice any problems? Hit any roadblocks? We’d love to get your thoughts. Feedback? Concerns? Constructive criticism? Hit us at our contact page, or find us at Twitter or Facebook.

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