Video: Cass McCombs reveals a mountain’s body count in “Unearthed”

Eric Fensler brings us another edition of The Environment's Tallest Killers.

- Jan 22, 2014

If I have a window seat on a airplane, occasionally I'll peek out at the world below and wondering if anyone's dying on that particular part of the ocean, or forest, or desert. In the video for “Unearthed” by Cass McCombs, a static shot of a mountain begs the same question. And the answer is...maybe. But there's two sides to that rock up there. I'm being mysterious for a reason. Let's just say if this was a film noir, that mountain would be the femme fatale: sexy and dangerous to all who would attempt to conquer it. Eric Fensler directs.

Cass McCombs' Big Wheel And Others is out now via Domino.

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