News: Four Tet posts rare and out-of-print recordings to Bandcamp, (probably) disses Spotify

Help Kieran Hebden prepare for the coming global meltdown.

- Jan 17, 2014

Signalling his preparation for the coming economic doom, Four Tet has started a new Bandcamp with four hard-to-find releases available to buy; proceeds will be used to purchase gold bonds, Bitcoins and bomb shelters. So get downloading now. There's his Dialogue LP, and 12"s Misnomer, Glasshead, and Tthirtysixthirtyfive. All were originally released by the folded Output Recordings. Again, the economy.

At the top of the page, you'll notice a squashed and inverted screen-cap of the Spotify homepage, a service of which Kieran Hebden isn't exactly a fan. There's the same design for the SendSpace page in the background as well, which he used to distribute a bunch of rare tracks late last year. He's not a fan of the malware but mused on Twitter if it was “indie label of the year 2013.” Maybe the Internet is all just bad, but he's pushing on to find new, non-shitty services for distributing content? The trek continues.

For more Four Tet fun, watch him turn Michael Jackson's Thriller into a beat in under ten minutes. Listen to Glasshead below.

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