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The Week in Music News (12/28 – 1/3): Angel Haze’s early album drop, Toronto Raptors’ Drake-friendly rebrand, and surprise new Pixies

It's a new year, and there's new news. Happy new news!

- Jan 3, 2014

Happy New Year! After laying low for all the year-end listing/post-Christmas music buying lull, artists have finally started to release new music again. The Pixies and Del The Funky Homosapien made their new releases available, all of a sudden and out of nowhere, which, if you’ll recall, was one of our favourite trends of 2013. Keep it up and all these “most anticipated albums of 2014” lists will be rendered totally void.


But hey, Angel Haze also has a new album out! Oh, you didn’t realize? Of course not. After leaking her own album a couple of weeks ago to hold her label to task for breaking their promise of putting out Dirty Gold in 2013, they reluctantly agreed to a December 30 album release. We appreciate her badass disregard for bullshit, as usual, but she just strong-armed herself into a really shitty release date.

Then again, maybe she just didn’t want to turn out like her rival, Azealia Banks. Remember her? Remember her album Broke With Expensive Taste? Yeah, it’s been delayed again.

And speaking of label drama, M.I.A. is leaving Jay Z’s Roc Nation, right as Montreal weird pop poster girl Grimes joins it. Sounds like a changing of the guard.

Grimes - Oblivion

And speaking of guards (I’m just killing at the segway game), the Toronto Raptors might be changing their colours from red and white to black and gold to match their “global ambassador” Drake’s OVO brand. That might sound like a dumb reason for a rebrand, but is it really that much dumber than naming your team after Jurassic Park?

And the police arrested over 200 people at Phish’s New Year’s Eve Madison Square Garden stand. It would be easy to make a hack joke about hippies, jam bands and drugs here, but as Spin astutely notes obviously fans do drugs at Phish shows and the cops usually look the other way, and that makes this look like a real crackdown on drug use at shows. And cue morality police panic… now.

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