[video] Nardwuar vs. MellowHype

Baked as hell and baffled by waffles.

- Dec 18, 2012

WEED FACT: Weed is the leading cause of backwards lip in the world.

WEED FACT: Every $10 you spend on weed sends $11 to brutal dictatorships around the world.

WEED FACT: Every three seconds, a fetus is literally teleported into space by its pregnant mother smoking a weed.

Still think weed is cool? Didn't think so. But see if you can stomach watching a very stoned MellowHype being interviewed by Nardwuar, who as always brings a bunch of presents and little known facts to baffle his subjects. It's informative, terrifying, and features Hodgy Beats eating a waffle slathered in mayonnaise, which is gross and funny.

Nardwuar vs. MellowHype

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