[news] Download newly remastered audio from a Joy Division gig

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- Nov 21, 2012

Way back in 2007, Drew Crumbaugh was hired to remaster a series of Joy Division gigs to be included in a deluxe reissue package. And while he stresses that he did a very good job and you should still hire him for this sort of thing, he “cringes” listening to his work, because “with where I've advanced to today my 2006 work sounds amateur to these ears.” In an attempt at redemption/to significantly boost his profile, Crumbaugh has re-remastered the master recordings from post-punk group's February 8th, 1980 gig at University of London Union, where the band performed material from their debut Unknown Pleasures, and tracks from the then-unreleased Closer. But how does Crumbaugh feel about his work this time?

“They are spectacular. Not to toot my own horn, but these now simply crush what was used on the 2007 releases. Even the most hearing-challenged of listeners can tell the difference, and not just by minutiae. Cymbals ring, drums go THWACK and not 'thwop', guitars slice through the murk.”

Will Crumbaugh develop some kind of laser-based mastering technique in the future, forcing a re-re-remastering? Check back in the next five years!

Click here to download the tracks, for free, in lovely lossless FLAC.


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