Yellow Ostrich – “Marathon Runner”

If you ran out of milk for your cereal this morning, this video might piss you off.

- Apr 12, 2012

Some kids are just cooler than others, and while your little brother is begging your parents to buy him some official ICP facepaint, the kids in the new video for “Marathon Runner” by indie poppers Yellow Ostrich are making some vaguely menacing memories.

There’s no kind of best friend quite like the type you had before puberty. Before horniness and body odor turned you both into dueling miscreants, times were more innocent, but probably no less surreal. As these two kids traverse the cul-de-sac in gold-glittered hockey masks and bony Wolverine-style claws, you’ll be reminded of that time you wore Hulk Hands and chased a bunch of dogs in the park. Which reminds me, I really need to return those Hulk Hands.

Yellow Ostrich’s album Strange Land is out now.

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