LISTEN: Swizz Beatz ft. A$AP Rocky ‘Street Knock’ (prod. AraabMuzik)

- Mar 23, 2012

Swizz Beatz, super-producer and CEO of MegaUpload in the news cycle for like a day, continues his misguided attempt to be a rapper with “Street Knock,” bringing A$AP Rocky and AraabMuzik in as moral support.

AraabMuzik tones down the trance-heavy frenzy he’s known for in his solo work in favor of ominously plucked strings and alien-transmission synths, over drums that are designed to be heard in a fast car being driven slowly so everyone can see. As an MC, A$AP Rocky understands that rapping “Swagger is the meanest” is only exciting nowadays if it’s followed by something like “Chicks from Venus on my penis,” which is why his verse is full of smart and funny lines like those.  As for Swizz Beatz, I’m sure he can afford a better ghostwriter than whoever's feeding him these lines.

Listen below:

[via The Angie Martinez Show]

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