LISTEN: Stream an hour-long Toro Y Moi live set

- Mar 13, 2012

Apparently lots of people make out at Toro Y Moi shows (confirm or deny in the comments section). Well, call up that attractive boy/girl you’ve been hoping to grope – Red Bull Music Academy is hosting an hour-long stream of a recent Toro Y Moi performance in Phoenix, and it’s got all the seductive, funky vibes you need to land that elusive ass.

The recording is a soundboard rip (which means it’s pretty clear, but not mixed terribly well), and is being hosted by Red Bull Music Academy Radio. By the way, Red Bull has a music academy, which has an online radio station. What does that bottle of water you’re drinking have? That right: JACK. You may as well be drinking a can of Ensure.

Listen to the show over at RBMAR, and watch an extremely comprehensive hour-long guest lecture from Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick below:


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