MP3 ROUNDUP: New music from Burial + Four Tet, Each Other, and Spencer Tweedy

- Mar 5, 2012

Burial + Four Tet –

Roughly 17 hours after being posted (at the time of writing
this), this collaborative track from Burial and Four Tet has over 125,000
listens. Guess we’re not the only ones excited about more music from the two
producers, who have previously doubled up on “Moth”
and “Wolf
and worked with Thom Yorke on “Ego”
and “Mirror.”
The song is, as we might expect, a dark and spacious instrumental, equal parts
brooding and inviting.

Each Other – “Sit

Sonically, Each Other sound a lot like fellow Canadian art
rockers Women: Weirdo harmonies with just the right amount of low-fidelity
rawness. “Sit Still” comes from the Montreal outfit’s new 7”, which also
includes the equally excellent “Traces To Nowhere,” and can be downloaded
(name-your-own-price!) along with the band’s 2011 effort Taking Trips, over on their Bandcamp.

Spencer Tweedy –

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy might be raising his own
successor, judging by this ‘demo’ from his 16-year-old son Spencer (who also
likes to make music
). The rough-sounding, Wilco-ish tune showcases a keen songwriting
ability that I would enjoy more if I weren’t simultaneously reflecting on how irritatingly
talented this fucking kid is and how useless we all are in comparison. #MYLIFEISAVERAGE

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