LIKE THIS LIST: Ryan Hemsworth

- Feb 21, 2012

LIKE THIS LIST is a weekly YouTube playlist curated by our favourite artists and musician. Each week's showcase will reveal the wide variety of music that inspires creative minds from all different walks of life.

Ryan Hemsworth, one of our favourite new hip-hop producers, was kind enough to put together a list this week. His music uses hip-hop as a framework that's piled on with all sorts of electronic music genres, from '90s house to chillwave, a combination that somehow makes fusions like Rick Ross and M83 synths instrumental sound impossibly perfect. He's already given us one of our favorite remixes of the year so far, and if he keeps it up, this could be his moment. Here's Ryan to introduce his list:

"Here's the condensed soundtrack for my imaginary ideal night. Not sure what kind of night this would work with, but it encompasses everything going through my mind from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. (being: trap beats, video game music, pretty samples chopped up, and Lil B). There are 14 tracks for you to sift through: starting off slow, peaceful, and positive (SELA., Grimes, MondreMAN); leading into some more intense moments (Juicy J, S-X, [evil] Based God); ending the whole thing on a high note (an unreleased Hudson Mohawke track, which probably owes a good amount of its views to me). They're all tracks that make my body react in weird ways (shivering and squirming and head-banging); as a whole, this is just another imaginary night in my mind."

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