WATCH: His Clancyness – “Carve a Peach” unofficial music video

- Nov 21, 2011

Video artist Jamie Harley loves making found footage videos. Thankfully, he's very good at it -- just check out his vimeo for proof.

Here's Harley's unofficial video for His Clancyness' "Carve a Peach", a sunny tune that sounds maybe a bit too similar to Real Estate's "Green Aisles". The song already has an eye-pleasing official video, but this version is a bit better. Harley plays equally with nostalgia and sexuality, cutting together vintage footage of gorgeous models being gorgeous models. Needless to say, it's easy on the eyes and the ears.

Video below. Is it a gorgeous pairing? Is it formulaic hipsteria? Sexist? Racist? Feel free to occupy the comment section below. We won't mace you.

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