Johnny Marr of The Smiths to guest star in Portlandia

- Nov 3, 2011


Have you been watching Portlandia? It's pretty

For those who have yet to catch it, let me break it down for
you. It's a sketch comedy show on IFC featuring former Saturday Night Live cast member Fred
Armisen alongside Carrie Brownstein who you may recognize from former band
Sleater-Kinney and current band Wild Flag. A decently cool duo to say the lest. That would explain their superb taste in guest stars including Steve Buscemi, Aimee Mann, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, and James Mercer of The Shins. It's also fitting as a guest star for the second season is know to collaborate with lots of rad people as well. Can you guess who it is? The title of this post might give it away...

Johnny Marr! Mr. Marr was not only was he in The Smiths but has worked with the Pretenders, Modest Mouse, The Cribs and more. Fred Armisen spoke to Vulture about the news and had this to say...
"[Marr]'s a brilliant guitar player, and he's really funny, too,"
Well! There you have it! He also goes on to say that Marr will be playing a question mark? Whatever that means it's sure to be hilarious.





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